Hack ZWave NeoPlus hall sensor to dock status sensor

Ok, recently I've hacked a ZWave Neo Coolcam door sensor (very cheap ZWave, 18/20€ on Amazon) to transform it into a door status sensor (is the door locked or no).

For the door lock contact, I've recycled 2 battery springs from an old solar powered garden light, and glued them on a small 3D printed support.

I've unsoldered the hall sensor and connect the springs cable to it after inserting the support in the door lock hole.

It works like a charm and it's really easy to use this in domoticz.

DISCLAIMER : The first try of this hack leaded me to a blocked door (yes !). I had to drill the lock to unlock the door (like a thief yes !). Please double check your capacity to force your own door and your wife acceptance factor before trying this or you'll may have to break a window to enter at home and buy flowers to your loved one.

Good Luck !


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